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So you get a friend request from someone and you want to see their picture on facebook, but their profile is private. Well facebook provides a tiny little thumbnail picture of them that you can view. In many cases this gives you no idea of who the person is. Especially if there are other people in the photo with them. Luckily, there is a way to get a larger image to see who the person really is.

Search for the person you would like to find or click on their name in the friend request. You should get something like this:

See how small that is? Luckily it’s kenny from south park so we have no problem reconizing him. But pretend it’s John Smith in a party shot and you can barely see his face. Well, lets have a closer look:

Right click on the picture (apple-click if you have a mac) then click the option to open the link in a new tab or window.

The link should look like this ... Read more »

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In my previous post How to hack facebook password i told you about hacking facebook By a online method.

,Today i thought to uncover all the methods used to hack facebook password,

I will cover 4 methods over here:

1. Facebook Phishing
2. Keylogging
3. Social engineering
4. Primary email address hack

Facebook phishing:

I have taken this method first because i think this is the most popular method/way of hacking facebook. I studied various facebook surveys taken on web about hacking facebook. The results of these surveys show "Phishing" as the most used method to hack facebook and to note…"Phishing is favorite method of facebook hackers". So, friends.. beware of facebook Phishing. Facebook staff is ... Read more »

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Looking to hack Facebook? If you then you have come to the right place.

. Hack Facebook Password is the only site on the web which will grant you access to any Facebook account absolutely free of charge.

That’s right people, 100% free. Should you have lost your account password, do not worry, because there are methods of recovering your password.

Facebook has become the number 1 social networking site, so as you could imagine we get a tonne of individuals coming to us pleading us to recover lost passwords.

Our success rate so far is around 90%, and we have now opened up this service to the public. So if you need to gain access to a lost Facebook account, now you can. Remember, this service is completely free. All you need to provide us with is the link to the account of yours, and we will d ... Read more »

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