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**Update - Checkout: Successful NEW Facebok Groups - October 2010**

Facebook is one of the most powerful social networking services currently available. Its interface and framework allow a person to spread news virally as quick as any social bookmarking service. Facebook Groups, communities of friends with similar interests, are also becoming extremely popular. But, why create a Facebook Group??? Well, Organizations and bloggers should create Facebook Groups to further promote brand presence, share news/events with their community and stimulate relevant discussion all in one spot. A prime example of an organization leveraging Facebook Groups is Contiki - through their group they share brochures, the trip/video of the wee ... Read more »
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Chit Chat is a free Facebook chat instant messenger (IM) that allows you to chat with your Facebook friends from your desktop.

Chit Chat connects to Facebook and removes the need of a web-browser to talk over Facebook Chat.

download facebok chat by click here

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facebook zero logo After closing down Facebook lite version, today, they have launched a new version of Facebook which is called as "Facebook Zero”. This version claims to be the faster amongst all the other Facebook versions and application available including Facebook mobile. It is a new mob ... Read more »

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Facebook, the giant in social networking has been working hard on improving its security and user interface recently and they have just launched a new feature which allows user to download all the history of the profile including uploaded photos, videos, wall posts, status updates, comments, likes etc. In short, this feature makes you use your facebook profile offline. Here, I am going to show the way with which you can download your profile. Enjoy!

Facebook is providing you a new feature called "Download your Information” which means you can download your whole facebook profile as a backup. If ever you need to delete or deactivate your facebook profile or if ever you need to remove your hacked facebook profile then you w ... Read more »
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Today, I was browsing some of the hacking sites and found an interesting link there which lead me to an info about deleting a hacked facebook profile and therefore I am here to share it with you all. It is a quite long procedure and a time consuming one but you need to follow it for your hacked account and might want to use it to disable your facebook profile and save yourself from getting more humiliated or harmed if the person who hacked it is using it for a negative purpose. I hope you all will like it. Enjoy!

This tutorial is not really a Facebook hacking tutorial and it is only for educational purpose. I advice you to use it wisely and not for harming and deleti ... Read more »

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I just came across a guide to hack/retrieve passwords of Facebook accounts. It is not at all complex, involving just the uploading of a phishing script (freely available) that is identical to Facebook’s login page to a web server and lure the targeted user to enter their credentials on thephishing website. These credentials will be saved as plain text and the phisher can use it to login to the victim’s Facebook account.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. No matter how strong your password is, if you are not careful enough and fall into the phisher’s trap, you can kiss your privacy goodbye. This is by far the easiest way for an average joe to hack into your Facebook account, and all you need to defend against it is to equip y ... Read more »

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Simply head to the homepage of the person you would like to see the private album photo. Then copy the following JavaScript code and hit ‘Enter’.

javascript:(function(){CSS.removeClass(document.body,%20′profile_two_columns’); tab_controller.changePage("photos”);})()

The script will redirect you to the locked photo page of the person’s account. While this trick works most of the time, you may not get this working occasionally, repeat the process to see if it works for you.

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See photo albums for any Facebook user if the album privacy settings allowed it. This highlighted an example of "security through obscurity,” since the lack of links to photos on most profiles seemed to indicate no photos could be viewed. The trick worked as advertised, though it only displayed a few albums for those who had many.

The code came from my own experiments on accessing the hidden photos. It worked quite manually, retrieving data from a particular Facebook interface and stuffing it into the current page. I figured a more elegant solution could be found by re-using the code already embedded in the page, but I had not been able to sort out all of the built-in functions.

Last night and this morning, I found what I’d been missing before, and I now present a far simpler version that gives ... Read more »

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Sometimes you may wish to see the photos of a certain facebook user but you cannot as the target person is not directly your friend evens not your friends of friends. You cannot see much information of that user when you go to her profile page, may be you just see the ‘Info’ tab saying that "<Name> only shares some of her profile information with everyone. If you know <Name>, send her a message or add her as a friend.”, sometimes you may find the ‘Wall’ tab also just like the following image.

You see the ‘Photos’ tab is missing but you want to see her photos. You know the photo privacy settings have 4 options:

  1. Everyone
  2. ... Read more »
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Because facebook relies so heavily on javascript, and because we can type javascript into the address bar, that means we can "poke” into the workings of facebook to do things that we wouldn’t normally be able to do. It’s not "hacking” exactly, but it employs the same sort of skills hackers use when looking into applications. The best part is that because it’s all using the same control codes (or "API”) that facebook uses, there’s no way for facebook to find out you’re doing it, so it’s totally safe! (I think…) Besides, we’re not going to be doing anything too dodgy, just a few little tweaks ;)

... Read more »
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