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: You get less, for less. Norton AntiVirus 2011 offers the same core high-quality computer and networking protection features as its more full-featured sibling, Norton Internet Security, but it lacks some key Web protection features that users shouldn't really go without.

For the second year in a row, Norton's former sluggish beast now offers a smooth and fast installation operation. Once you run the installer, the program is ready to operate in about a minute--impressively fast, and doubly so considering past performance. The installation process is also th ... Read more »

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The bottom line: Although AVG has flagged a little in the past few years, AVG Anti-Virus Free 2011 breathes some new life into one of the most popular security programs around with a shorter install, better usability, and faster scans.

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sim data recovery 5.0.1

Simcard data recovery software retrieve accidentally deleted data like text SMS phone numbers from your mobile phone sim card. SIM card data recovery software restore lost missing SMS deleted drafts SMS software smoothly runs on all Windows Operating System like Windows 98, Window ME, Windows 2000/NT, Windows 2003/XP, Windows VISTA. Mobile phone sim card SMS recovery quickly recovers deleted SMS. Deleted SIM card data rescue utility retrieve lost mobile Phone numbers mobile phone sim card sms recovery tool can recover recently deleted text SMS messages and contacts. SIM ... Read more »

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CuteRank is a Free rank checker tool to "check" and "track" multiple keywordranking performance on multiple search engines includingGoogle,Yahoo!,Bing, ... Read more »

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So what isTurbo Hits Generator (THG)? THG levarages the power of traffic exchange sites and then turbo charges your efforts. Result - your message, splash page, web page, web site could be seen by hundreds of people an hour, ALL FOR FREE! A traffic exchange site, in case you're not sure, enables you to earn 'credits' by looking at other peoples sites. Every credit earned by you then allows your site to be shown to other traffic exchang members.

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SEO Software Submitter Standard Edition 1.0     EPractize Labs Software

SEO Software Submitter Advanced Edition increases site traffic in as little as 3 days. World's best product for keyword management, CMS,PR submission,Directory Submission, Sitemap submission, Sitemap generator and much more.

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This software is free of cost.. take advantage of this before it get popular and costly... in market..


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Facebook emoticon codes

What you'll see here is a collection of cool smileys and chat emoticon codes.
I'm pretty sure you love putting those faces to your facebook profiles or comments to express your happyness, opinion on some stuff. Personally I put few funny smileys in practically every comment, because I like expressing my sensations about stuff =) It's a text way to smile, you know ^.^ So that's why I was so excited to make you this emoticons list. Guys from facebook.com created a chat that you can access from profile page's bottom (I didn't ever use it by myself cause I don't happen to have a lot of friends that spend a lot of time there and felt no need in it =) but I know people who enjoy it), crappy thing about witch is that they didn't make a list of facebook chat emoticons that they parse as image icons.

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Now it is very simple to a hack one of the most powerfull social networking site just because of hacker'zz yeah, guys i just try it and it show me full result, i think so you shoul trythis, atleast it doesn't want any fee or survey...the other idiot sites which asking for that foolishness.

Now by my method of hacking just easilly ubnlock any facebook..

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Most of people are curious to know on How to hack orkut account,due to rise in number of hackers,orkut security has became a challenging question for the security experts,my purpose of this post is not to teach you hacking but to make you aware of the hackers,Below are some of the methods written through which a hacker can hack an orkut account

How to hack orkut account-methods

1.Orkut Phishing:
As i have stated in all articles, Phishing is first priority to hack Orkut passwords. Infact, it is most favorite method of orkut hackers. Here, you have to send a fake orkut login page (orkut phisher) to orkut friend and ask him to login to orkut account by this fake o ... Read more »

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Most of people ask me to teach me a way to hack msn accout password
This is not actually hacking but recovering passwords These msn hacking softwares are actually "Password Recovery for MSN” . Actually, the msn hacker programs is intended to recover forgotten msn, hotmail passwords. But, i will focus on how one can hack msn account password

Now there are a bit of requirements

First you victim must have used a IM(instant messenger) at least once with this id. Say for yahoo he must use yahoo messenger.Online versions dont count.So this means you cannot hack accounts of say facebook or myspace which dont have their ... Read more »

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Skype is a popular, easy to use and reliable VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) program, that allows you call and talk to other Skype users, video chat and more for free over the internet.

With Skype you can not only have voice chats on your computer – just like telephone, only for free – but also make real phone calls at much lower rates, using the so called SkypeOut service and paying with Skype credit. Besides voice chats, Skype also includes the standard IM functionalities (written conversations, emoticons, user avatars and so on) and also lets you have group video conferences.

These video calls are precisely the main focus on Skype's latest version. The program's interface has been completely redesigned with video conferences on mind. This means it's been made wider so that video fits in perfectly with your written chat, your contact list and ... Read more »
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Windows Live Messenger, previously known as MSN Messenger, was renamed as part of Microsoft's move away from Hotmail, towards the Live online community. Now the most popular IM app in the world has finally reached version 2009.
For Downloading Click Here
The most striking feature in the new Windows Live Messenger is an all-new interface with a colorful design, far from the traditional Windows application structure. You can customize it by choosing your own theme and color scheme.

In order to maintain the neatness of this design, the menu bar in Windows Live Messenger has been hidden under a few buttons on the top-right corner – though you can temporarily make the standard menu bar visible by pressing the Alt key. While I understan ... Read more »
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This section will provide information on how to bring more traffic to your website. Many of the methods mentioned below are free and will cost you nothing but time.

Just remember that the key to building repeat traffic is to create a website that is useful, unique and full of good content.

Learn how to build a steady stream o ... Read more »

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What is AdSense?

Google.com earns most of its revenue by allowing other website owners to advertise on their search result pages. All this is managed through a program they call AdWords.

Now you can earn a share of the revenue that Google earns from AdWords by dis ... Read more »
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What is LiveUpload to Facebook?

LiveUpload to Facebook is a plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Movie Maker that makes it easy for anyone to upload their photos and videos to Facebook.< ... Read more »

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This facebook hack also has the advantages of allowing you to change their information or any other amount of pranks that you would like to do.

First use the hack to get access to their limited profile (click the link to find out how to do this). Once you have access to the limited profile, you will be able to see their email address in their info section. ... Read more »

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