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Facebook smileys and emoticons

Facebook emoticon codes

What you'll see here is a collection of cool smileys and chat emoticon codes.
I'm pretty sure you love putting those faces to your facebook profiles or comments to express your happyness, opinion on some stuff. Personally I put few funny smileys in practically every comment, because I like expressing my sensations about stuff =) It's a text way to smile, you know ^.^ So that's why I was so excited to make you this emoticons list. Guys from facebook.com created a chat that you can access from profile page's bottom (I didn't ever use it by myself cause I don't happen to have a lot of friends that spend a lot of time there and felt no need in it =) but I know people who enjoy it), crappy thing about witch is that they didn't make a list of facebook chat emoticons that they parse as image icons.

All Facebook emoticons for chat
How it works

What you'll see here is a collection of Facebook smileys and their chat emoticon codes. You enter text codes into the input field and then send your message. If the emoticon codes were correct, like the ones listed in here, then you'll get them changed for pictures of smiling, sad and other kinds of standard faces.

Text smiley emoticons

Lots of emoticons depicted in "Text smiley emoticons" section are easy-to-input right from your keyboard, though some were made with use of special characters like ●◕✿❀☆✮✯☀☮☯◭.

Where to find
You can find those symbols in my facebook characters collection. If you like to decorate your internet messenger name or facebook personal messages with funny ASCII symbols, or if you're wondering where some guys get so many totally cool (just weird in times) characters to make their status code then don't forget to visit

my facebook symbols (special text characters) collection and alt codes. You'll be amazed.

A lot of emoticon icons here can be easily typed from your keyboard, though some were made with use of special characters like
●◕✿❀☆✮✯☀☮☯◭ and..

Well you won't want to do it - just copy them out. You can see all of them listed at my collections of cool symbols and alt codes, witch you can go to by following the links below. Bookmark my smileys to get them next time you'll want withought searching. ;)
Symbol entities

If you'll want to post some of those text emoticon codes to your web site page or something you may need to convert characters to html entities. You can easily do that with my little symbol to entity converting tool.

=)   :)   :-)   ;)   ;=)   ;-)   ^o^   ^.^   ^.^)   =^.^=   :*)   :-> ٩(●̮̮̃•)۶   ٩(̃-̮̮̃-)۶   (-̮̮̃•)۶   ٩(×̯×)۶   ٩(•̮̮̃-̃)۶   '☋'   :=◑   ☋   Σ=)

:(   =(   =((   :-(   :[   ๏̯͡๏   ̃๏̯̃๏   ๏̯̃๏   'Ω'
:'(   :'<   :"<   :=◐   ◄.►   <:(   <:-(   <:'-(   <:"(   ╯.╰

showing tongue
:P   =P   =-P   :-P   :=P   :Þ   :-Þ   B-Þ   B=Þ   X-p

cute faces
✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀ ❁◕ ‿ ◕❁ ✾◕ ‿ ◕✾

cool smileys for facebook
B)   BD   Ж)   Ж-D   XD   B-|   B┨ B-/

neutral emoticons
:|   =|   :=|   (►.◄)   :┨

unsure, confused
:/   :\   =/   =\   :=/   :=\   (◐.̃◐)   *-*
(◑.◑)   ◭,◭ <(' .' )> ^( '-' )^ v( ‘.’ )v

mad emoticons
>:(   >:-(   >:=(   >:)   >:-)   >:=)
>:=◑   >:=@   >BD   >XD   >B-<>   >B┨   »,«   >:[P]   >.< (>‘o’)>

surprised faces
Oo   O.o   O_o   ̃o.O   (O.O)   (̃⊙.o   ⊙.◎)
:-O   :O   :-o   :o   :-X   :-Σ   •ิ.• <('o'<)

innocent, etc.
O:)   O:-)   O:=)   3:)   3:-)   3:=)
3:(   3:=(   3:-(   3:<   3:-<   3:=<

love / kiss
♥   <3   :-*

funny chat emoticons and some facebook symbols
:|]   >[:]   ◜☋◝   ツ ♱   ♰   ⇨◎   ☞
№   :[:=:]:   ⇝   ⇪   εїз   ε>   ξ=}   ~:0   =^.^=   <('o'<) ^( '-' )^ (>‘o’)> v( ‘.’ )v <(' .' )> <('.'<) ┣▇▇▇═─
|_P  (coffee)
//_^  (emo)
<:3 )~  (mouse)
~,~  (sleeping)
O-\-<]:  (skater)
(_T_)  (butt)

Few facebook smileys are quoted here twice because they've fitted in several categories.


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