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3:54 AM
Failed to hide minifeed story #1

This is just one of my many attempts to remove a story from my feed where Facebook’s interface refuses to fulfill the "Remove” command.
And apparently Facebook as a company refuses to properly deal with this issue too because they address the issue in their FAQ’s with a very stupid suggestion to "fix it.”

They suggest refreshing your page. How is that supposed to work when you’re 5-years back, at the beginning of your feed? Yea let me just spend another 15-minutes clicking the "Older Posts” button at the bottom of the page only to end up in the same situation I was in before.

I have written the company with this same issue on countless occasions but have never been directly addressed or answered.

Anyway – to conserve storage so I can add more pictures I’ve saved this as low resolution. If you click on the picture itself you’ll get a larger and better view of the "Failed to hide” issue.


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