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Failed to hide: Possible Solution?
Hi and welcome to one plausible solution to the irritating "Failed to hide minifeed story” other than Facebook’s flaccid answer…

Q: Why is my story not deleting from my feed?
A: More like "What causes my story to stick around after I try to delete it?”

There are two types of data removal you’re facing on your wall.
1. Stuff you’ve personally posted directly to your wall that is not linked to anything else and…
2. Stuff you’ve posted somewhere else which has a "link-back” (example: "You posted a link on Barbie’s wall”). This "link-back” could also include shit people have tagged you in.

Because we are pairing down our own Facebook accounts, we can tell you that we know about this issue better than anyone else. Personally, I have five-years of shit I’m trying to delete!

(Maybe in the next post we can do a summary of ways to kill-out your Facebook account wholly, or partially.)

Anyway the point to today’s post is to suggest a real workable solution to this asinine Facebook interface bug. I can tell you I have more problems deleting data that has a "link-back” associated with it, than shit I post directly to my own wall so – I have a theory! You’re getting the "Failed to hide” message when a "link-back” has been improperly broken.

Now, if you’re getting the "Failed to hide” in relation to your own personal wall post, we haven’t worked out an answer for this yet. But if you are having more issues with deleting posts with other links associated to them on other walls, then what we think is happening is Facebook’s interface is limited by a one way syntax.

Try to delete your own wall post and/or notification **first** – and then delete the link posted on another wall last.

That’s it! It’s been working for me. Give it a try and let us know if it works for you.

Cheers and happy posting!


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