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Hack orkut account

Most of people are curious to know on How to hack orkut account,due to rise in number of hackers,orkut security has became a challenging question for the security experts,my purpose of this post is not to teach you hacking but to make you aware of the hackers,Below are some of the methods written through which a hacker can hack an orkut account

How to hack orkut account-methods

1.Orkut Phishing:
As i have stated in all articles, Phishing is first priority to hack Orkut passwords. Infact, it is most favorite method of orkut hackers. Here, you have to send a fake orkut login page (orkut phisher) to orkut friend and ask him to login to orkut account by this fake orkut login phisher. This orkut phisher is, ofcourse, prepared by you. When orkut friend logs in to orkut account by this orkut phisher, his orkut password is emailed to you and thus you can now hack his orkut account. I have added a post on Hack orkut using fake login page

Steps to Hack orkut using Fake login page

Step 1:

Download orkut:fake login page

Step 2:

Then extract the contents into a folder

Step 3:

Then edit login.php .(right click and then select edit)

In that ,find (CTRL+F) 'http://rafayhackingarticles.blogspot.com' then change it to your destined URL but don't forget '\'.

Save it .

Step 4:

Create an id in 110mb.com,ripway.com,t35.com or any other free webhosting site

Step 5:

Then upload the contents into a directory

For that,after creating an id you should go to file manager and upload all these files.

Step 6:

Then just got to Orkut.htm and try out whether its working .

After you type the file , a password file will be created in the same directory.

Then you can see what username and password you have entered.

Step 7:

Distribute the orkut.HTML URL (ie: yoursite.com/orkut.HTML) to your friends.When they login from this fake login page, the login.php will save the username and password onto the .TXT file (or any other format) in your site. Download the file to see the password inside it.

2.Keylogging :
This is most easy way to hack orkut password. Here, you have to install keylogger software on victim computer and give destination at which keylogger will send all passwords typed on friend's computer. And then keylogger will start recording all keystrokes on victim computer and send these passwords. This keylogging becomes more easy if you have physical access to victim computer. Even, remote keylogger installation can be done.

3.Community links :
Many times, you are provided with community links in orkut scraps inviting you to join it. On clicking the link in orkut scrap, you are directed to orkut phisher explained above, ready to hack orkut account profile .I have made a post to Hacking orkut through community links,

4. Orkut Javascript hack :
This method became much famous in last year. Here, orkut victim is provided with some javascript (popularly called code) and is asked to copy paste this javascript code in his address bar for say changing his orkut theme. When victim does this, his orkut cookies are stolen and now orkut hacker has hacked his orkut profile using cookies. I have written more on orkut cookie stealing in Hack Orkut account account by Cookie stealing.

5. Link manipulating:
Link Manipulation : Link manipulation is one kind of hacking trick wherehackers fool people with identical domain names. By an email or scrap or message, they send you a link. Once you enter your ID and password in those pages, be sure that your profile is gone for ever. That link will be 90% identical with Orkut. Here are few of them.
while the original Orkut domain is www.orkut.com

6. Primary email address hack
If orkut hacker, by some means, hacks your gmail or yahoo account which you are using as primary email address, then this orkut hacker can easily hack your orkut account using "Forgot password" trick. He will simply ask orkut to send password reset email to your primary email address- which is already hacked. Thus, your orkut account password will be reset and orkut account hacked !!!

So, always remember to protect your orkut primary email address and try to keep unknown or useless mail id as your primary email address


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