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How To Delete Your Hacked Facebook Profile

Today, I was browsing some of the hacking sites and found an interesting link there which lead me to an info about deleting a hacked facebook profile and therefore I am here to share it with you all. It is a quite long procedure and a time consuming one but you need to follow it for your hacked account and might want to use it to disable your facebook profile and save yourself from getting more humiliated or harmed if the person who hacked it is using it for a negative purpose. I hope you all will like it. Enjoy!

This tutorial is not really a Facebook hacking tutorial and it is only for educational purpose. I advice you to use it wisely and not for harming and deleting other profiles which you should not.

Things you will need

  1. Your hacked profile’s link
  2. Email which you used to sign in with
  3. Your birth-date
  4. New email id if you are not able to login to your previous one

Procedure to follow

  1. Visit this link
  2. Enter the email in the first block which you used to sign in with
  3. Enter the new email address in the other field where you will receive a confirmation mail
  4. Reply to the confirmation mail describing that your profile has been hacked by ABC person and you would like them to disable the profile completely and add some more description about the activity going on from your profile.
  5. After sometime, you will get one more confirmation mail asking if you are able to access your email or not. Reply negatively.
  6. In a day or two, you will have your account disabled and feel free to make a new one.

P.S. This is not a real Facebook Hacking and you should not try it for playing pranks on others. Please feel free to comment below if this tutorial have helped you :) Have a nice time ahead.


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