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Why I don’t like Facebook
Those of you who have seen me speak have often heard me speak out against Facebook. I’m on Facebook, I participate on Facebook… but I don’t like it. There are quite a few things I don’t enjoy on Facebook:


  1. The navigation makes no sense to me. There are menus, side menus, navigation that appears… I get lost and don’t believe it’s intuitive at all.
  2. I joke that Facebook is simply AOL 10.0. It’s a closed system… it wants to owneverything and doesn’t want you to leave. There are great sites all over the net, quit expecting me to do everything there!
  3. There are no options for personalization. I’m tired of Facebook blue (#3B5998). Let me put a style sheet on my page and customize it!
  4. Sponsored links are an endless supply of "Singles”… Single Moms, Single Christians, Singles… LEAVE ME ALONE! I’ve clicked X a hundred times, get the point!
  5. Facebook will fail (yes, I said it!) unless it can correct one universal weakness, though. The majority of my time in Facebook is spent managing Facebook… not using it. I have to ignore apps, ignore invitations, ignore events, ignore friend requests, ignore causes, ignore becoming a fan, and ignore advertisements. It’s not fun… it’s annoying.

The viral application framework within Facebook is its biggest flaw. Since I have a large network of friends, family and colleagues, I login and have an unending list of invitations. It’s ridiculous and never stops. I know there are some settings I can manage to help this… but I can’t figure out where they are. I just want to block all application requests to start

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